Why Perpetual Notes keeps notes into one folder?

Ensel Software
2 min readFeb 6, 2021


Some of the users of Perpetual Notes wrote to us requesting folder implementation. We took a conscious decision to dump all note files into one folder. Let us explain the reason.

Folders are a good way of organizing your files in computer. It is there for last 30 years ever since computers became mainstream. By all means it is a good practice to organize your files. But we don’t think it is the best way to organize your notes.

Main problem with folders is that it forces you only one way of organizing stuff. Do you want to organize folders by date or by file type? Do you have sub-folders for sub-categories? You see, folder organization leads to all different types of questions which

  • Slows you down
  • Leads to reorganizing files moving them from one folder to another

The new solution is use of tags. In fact, even Microsoft advises not to use folders in Share Point and ecourages usage of tags. A file can be inside only one folder but a file can have multiple tags.

The 2nd line of each word in your notes, when written inside square brackets like this: [computer] [hobby] [travel] [finance] etc. these are considered tags. The 1st line is reserved for note title.

Perpetual Notes helps you to write fast, without stumbling how to organize your thought process. Later, it again helps you to find your notes fast. Just type whatever you remember in the search box and your notes will be fetched in no time.

Having said that, Perpetual Notes does offer you the option to use folders. You can create folders at operating system level e.g. Windows folders and you can switch Perpetual Note’s primary folder from File — Change Notes Folder menu. You can have as many folders as you like with following caveats:

  • Cached search only works in primary folder
  • Archive folder name is reserved and notes move here when you click Edit — Archive Note
  • You can quickly switch among 3 folders using File — Recent Folders menu

So you do get best of both words in Perpetual Notes! However, for the reasons mentioned above, we recommend that you keep all your notes into one folder and move old notes, which you don’t use often now, to Archive folder.

Be productive, be fast, be happy — use Perpetual Notes.